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A little bit about Royal Malaysian Airforce.

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Young Boy 7 year old Buys Harrier Jet on eBay, Dad Panics

A 7-year-old London boy almost forced his father into forking out over $113K for a British jet fighter listed on eBay.

FOX News in Chicago reports that a 7-year-old London boy almost bought an actual Harrier fighter jet on eBay for $113,515 (£69,999)(RINGGIT MALAYSIA 556,416.25 ) last week.

The listing for Jet Art Aviation's British-built Harrier Jump Jet T-Bird Aircraft XW269 wasn't up for auction when it originally went live, but instead sold the aircraft for a fixed "Buy It Now" price. The unnamed over-zealous boy simply clicked on the "Buy It Now" button to make the purchase.

After discovering the transaction, his father quickly intervened by calling the company to express his apologies, explaining that he and his adolescent son didn't have the funds to back the purchase. "His dad rang up and profusely apologized to us, so it's still for sale," said a spokeswoman for Jet Art Aviation, of Bradford, central England. "We've put it on as an auction now so that won't happen again."

Strangely enough, the boy's false purchase actually reeled in more money for the aircraft. According to Chris Wilson of Jet Art Aviation, potential bidders took an interest with the initial story and loaded up the eBay auction to make their offers.

"We have currently had over 80 bids from 59 different bidders," Wilson said on Wednesday. "In a way the 7-year-old did us a big favor with the re-listed jet having received over 120,000 hits since Friday and generating considerably more interest than we expected."

The British jet was last flown in 1997 after 26 years of service for the Royal Air Force. As one of six of its kind to remain in the world, the vehicle can't fly in its current state. Wilson said that for "legal reasons" the company couldn't sell a functioning jet, but with "millions of pounds," the winning bidder just might have the antique up and running again.

As of this writing, the Harrier jet is presumably sold, as the listing no longer appears on the eBay UK site. While the winning bidder is unknown, the jet was shipped and reassembled locally or internationally at the buyer's expense.

So what have we learned here? Always assign a password to your user account and log off when not in use (or set the screensaver to kick on after a few minutes), whether it's Windows, Mac or Linux. This method of security protects your documents, hides your porn and keeps the kids from purchasing yachts, jets and other outrageously expensive vehicles on eBay.


Who is the really Qualified to be Son Goku from movie Dragonball?Donnie Yen or Justin Chatwin

        Who is the really Qualified to be Son Goku from movie Dragonball?Donnie Yen or Justin Chatwin?
The Dragonball Evolution is very2 suck movie because the actor did not have the characteristic of Son Goku..
then what about Donnie Yen?I like to watch their movie many2 time(ip man,ip man 2 and Legend of the Fist the return of chen zen,)and that was awesome movie and he seems like Son Goku at the certain time but not funny men like Goku as usual.I vote Chen Zen as Son Goku if other producer want to remake this movie,do not put some western style inside the movie,the combining can be worse..
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Apa ada pada plastik beg tu..(Jangan Terkejut!!!)

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Lagu Yang Paling Lama Didengari Selama 72 jam dan Lebih Tanpa Henti

                                                                                   Photo by Google Search

             Salam,aku ni sebenarnya seorang peminat lagu2 Rock,tak kira lah rock jenis macamane janji boleh buat aku agresif dan menaikkan kembali semangat yang dah tak da.Bagi aku,aku agak jarang meminati lagu dari negara seberang walaupun lagu dieorg memang mantap2..cuma WaliBand je yang aku boleh terima,Dulu aku minat Petepan tapi TERCALAR disebabkan dia buat videoclips paling best dia tu..Hahahahahah,,tgk ke tak?
             Tapi 2 minggu yang lepas ada seorang kawan aku yang berada di Labuan memperkenalkan sebuah lagu daripada band Indonesia,Berjudul "Ya Sudahlah" di Facebook.Nama penyanyi tu Bondan Prakoso diikuti kumpulan band lain iaitu Fade 2 Black(macam lagu metallica).Jadi aku pun dengar je la sebab dia dalam format Youtube,jadi aku muat turun di 4share.Masukkan ke handset aku dan start dengar..Nk tau apa jadi...
                                                                                     photo by Google Search
              Aku terus dengar lagu ni dan lagi dan lagi dan lagi dan lagi sampai buddy bilik aku dah boleh hafal terus dan seluruh pasukan dalam bilik aku pasang lagu tu dan dengar,dalam tandas pun dok nyanyi lagi.Sampai satu masa tu buddy aku tak tahan selalu dengar dia cakap "Diam Sudahlah" Heheheheh..Rahsianya lagu ni betul2 rileks dan senang menghafal korusnya..lagi pe lah tu jer..Tapi tak pernah dengar kat Malaysia..Mungkin promotion tak kuat kot.Tak macam lagu Waliband dulu yang popular ketika masa orang banyak dengar di TAGGED berbanding Facebook sebelum ni..
                                                                                       photo by Google Search
Lagu ni best,rileks dan enjoy,menyelitkan semangat kita mampu jadi apa yang kita nak...Chorus paling best dalam Lagu ni"Apapun yang terjadi, ku kan slalu ada untukmu
Janganlah kau bersedih..coz everything’s gonna be OKAY"...Lagu dia ada berada di background blog nie..

             Suka Dengar Lagu Ni Non-Stop ..Hiace